Things have gotten a little difficult lately. Reason? Choices.

We are all stuck in an equilibrium. An equilibrium that cannot be disturbed, but needs entropy to create an imbalance. Just like the much known and one of the classic unanswerable questions — Which came first? The chicken or the egg? there comes another question put forward by the recruiters of top companies across the world — Jobs require work experience and work experience requires to have a job. What are you going to do?

Yes. A job. Not just any job, but a dream job. Big companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft! How to get there is a big, BIG question for people like me.

Am I qualified enough?

Well, that depends on another choice that I have made or, in a long run, am yet to make. I am a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Science and have about two years and 10 months of experience. For some companies the experience compensates for the absence of a post-graduate course. For few others, it is not enough.

Am I prepared for an interview?

Hell yes, I am! But these big companies have tons of people applying through their portals and they don't have the time or resources to go through each and every profile of the candidates, which is sad. Due to this we, the applicants, are at loss. We do not even get interviewed because of this.

You have to make the right choice. As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible.

Nemo from Mr. Nobody

How do we applicants lose?

More often that not, the applicants see no response as a negative response. However, they still have to make the switch between companies as they seek salary growth, change in nature of work, work culture or location. During the time they expect a response, some other companies that are not originally a part of the applicant's plan turn up and the applicant has to settle for it as it fulfills one or more of the reasons mentioned.

How to paint the big picture?

There are so many choices involved and yet there is no obvious way to ensure a position in these top companies. Few choices are to opt for higher studies and hope that a few of these companies cross paths with you and you'd get interviewed then and probably get hired.